About The Falmouth Convention

The Falmouth Convention was a three-day conference in unconventional form, with an emphasis on exchange of views and experiences. Conceived as an international meeting of artists, curators and writers to explore the significance of time and place in relation to contemporary art and exhibition making, it was planned to respond to the situation in Cornwall and other such dispersed, rural areas. Cornwall is a remote part of England, known for the beauty of its landscape and coastline, but also an area of that has been identified by the EC as one of the poorest in Europe, with high unemployment and significant social deprivation.

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Tagging The Falmouth Convention

Share your images and words from The Falmouth Convention and contribute to the collaborative documentation project.

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Places to Eat

A selection of the cafés and restaurants in Falmouth within walking distance of University College Falmouth’s Woodlane campus.

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Details of the venues around Falmouth and Cornwall that hosted events for The Falmouth Convention.

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About Falmouth

Falmouth was originally called Peny-Cwm-Cuic (more affectionately, Pennycomequick), meaning ‘head of the narrow vale’. Its harbour-side location and position at the head of the River Fal have always been integral to Falmouth’s development and identity.

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