The Cornwall Workshop

Late evening at The Poly

Hans Ulrich Obrist interviews Kader Attia

10.30pm – 12 midnight, Friday 21st May

The Poly, Church Street, Falmouth

Since 1993 the celebrated curator Hans Ulrich Obrist has conducted literally hundreds of interviews – with artists, filmmakers, historians, musicians, philosophers and writers.  For The Falmouth Convention he has chosen to interview the artist Kader Attia, whose work first gained international recognition at the 50th Venice Biennale (2003) and at the Lyon Biennale (2005), where he exhibited the work ‘Flying Rats’, an installation of life-size, birdseed sculptures of children being devoured by a flock of pigeons. Attia’s recent contributions to discussions at Miami Basel and the SITAC conference in Mexico City have also attracted considerable attention.

Attia grew up in France and Algeria and his work has been profoundly influenced by his experience of moving between the Christian Occident, the Islamic Maghreb and the Jewish Algerian Sephardic world. His conversation at the Poly will be illustrated by music and architectural images presenting his interest in signs of appropriation between cultures.