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Lucy Lippard

Lucy LippardLucy R. Lippard is the author of more than twenty books (including an experimental novel) on contemporary art and culture.

The most recent are The Lure of the Local: Senses of Place in a Multicultural Society (1997) and On the Beaten Track: Tourism, Art and Place (1999). Her anthology of texts documenting the early years of Conceptual Art, Six Years: The Dematerialisation of the Art Object, was published in 1973 and remains an essential reference for any student of contemporary art. She has also written monographs on Philip Evergood, Tony Smith, Eva Hesse, Florence Pierce and Ad Reinhardt and has studied the relationship between contemporary art and ancient forms; Overlay: Contemporary Art and the Art of Prehistory was published in 1983.

Since 1966 Lucy Lippard has curated some fifty exhibitions in the United States and elsewhere, starting with the seminal Eccentric Abstraction and a series of exhibitions of conceptual art that took as their titles the population figures of the cities in which they were shown – the so-called ‘number shows’.

For the last 17 years she has lived in Galisteo, New Mexico, where she edits her community newsletter and participates in local planning and watershed restoration. In June this year the Museum of New Mexico Press will publish a book based on her 15-year study of the history and archeology of this locale: Down Country: The Tano of the Galisteo Basin, 1250 to 1782.